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Μικροσκόπιο Alltion YSX-130 LED

7,430.00 €
Τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 5,991.94 €

YSX-120 LED: Straight binocular head/ YSX-130: 45°inclined binocular head
Beam splitters, various kinds of adapters and image processing unit are provided
1600mm Super long pantograph arm offers wider operation space
Four different working distance objectives: f=200mm, f=250mm, f=300mm, f=400mm
Smooth turret 3-step magnification pod
Field diameter: 7.88mm-81mm
Magnification: 2.4X-12X
Green and blue filter selected by a lever
** Optional magnification/different objective combination provided
The top 10W LED illumination
20,000 hours LED lifespan
50,000 LUX objective illumination
** LED is lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, safer, more dependable than normal halogen illumination.
Power supply voltage: 90V/60HZ-250V/50HZ
DC12V output on the instruments and supply the power for CCD camera

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