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Coxo Swift Photo Lamp

218.00 €
Τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 175.81 €

Light, creates a comfortable feeling
3 working modes, suitable for various treatment needs
Head that can rotate 360 ​​degrees
Much easier to reach hard to reach areas
Lens with special design, for a homogeneous distribution of the light beam
Long battery life, with a single charge, the Soft Up-10s mode can be used 785 times
Wavelength: 385-515, suitable for most composites
Wide exposure diameter, covers the entire surface

Power supply: AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Wide spectrum: 385~515
Light power: 3000mw/cm2
Hardening time: 5s/10s/15s/20s (soft up mode)
Volume (cm): 19x12x5
Weight (kg)/PCS: 0.54

Μάρκα: COXO

Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε στόκ

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